Sunday, October 19, 2008


It is so chill out! Last night I was so warm I turned on the air this AM we need sweaters. We have window units (our central died). All the other rooms was cool last night so today Mike will remove the AC so I can open that window! Here it is almost Nov. and I'm using air!

I just looked out the window and my cross vine is blooming! It will be beautiful in a few days. It covers most of the fence on this side of the house. Our neighbors are "red necks" and their yard always looks like a junk yard. I ask him once if he had a permit but he just didn't get it. LOL

Mr. Bo has his stitches out and is back to his normal self. Trying to catch all the birds and squirrels in the back yard.

Mike has been using the garage all week putting cammy on all his paint ball equipment. He got a new gun on Ebay for $30. He has finally found a group his own age to play with. Those guys in their 20s were about to kill him!

It is almost time for the gathing of the clans. (Scottish Clan, LOL) It will be something this year! Mike has gotten a kilt! All he needs yet is a shirt. This is going to be quit a sight! If I learn how to post pictures on here, I'll put one on of him. I can always send pictures to Kris and she can do it. Hint, hint!

I have to go buy a birthday card this week. My baby granddaughter is going to be 10. It doesn't seem possible. By the last picture I saw she must be way taller than me by now. She reminds me so much of Kris at that age.

This has been a good week for family. My 82 year old sister called me this week and it is a joy to talk to her. She still buzzes around Tucson in her car and enjoys life. I also talked to my sister in law in Indiana. I love talking to her and we always can find something funny to laugh about. I am always thrilled to hear her and my brother are in good health and living life to the fullest! I sure miss family, we need to take a trip soon!!!!

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mrsb said...

You'll have to get on a chair to smack her son, lol! Yep, I bet she's as tall if not taller. I can rest my chin on her head without bending. I think Chrystian is my height now. Thank goodness for strong genes!