Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Texas has early voting which started yesterday. Russ & I went this morning and voted, Mike is there now. We have done our part, now I hope everyone I know votes too. We even have a new voter this year! Anna gets to vote for the first time and guess this is Anthony's first President's vote too. Wow! Grandchildren old enough to vote!

Mike DID get the shed painted

and him and Russ decorated the skull to hang on it. I'll have to send the picture to Kris so she can post it. I know nothing about putting pictures up. We have skulls hanging or laying all over the yard!

Looks like a cattle grave yard, Mike finds them o9n Ft. Hood. The army has a deal with the ranchers to let cattle graze on post. Then the dumb things get hit by cars or bullets! LOL Some how the skulls end up in my yard!!!!

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12-arrows said...

your shed looks great and I love the patriotic skull! Way to vote early. WOW. we have to wait until November 4th. I hope this election turns out ok and all the mud-slinging is over with SOON!