Sunday, October 26, 2008

so sad

I saw the saddest thing in Wal Mart early this morning. I was speeding down the aisle and had to stop and wait for this man and woman. He was a little old man riding in a scooter chair. The sad part was his wife had a hold of the back of his chair! She was in a wheelchair, bent over holding his seat while he pulled her through the store! I thought it was so sad until I told Russ. He said they were probably having fun and just glad they could still get out and do there thing! Maybe we'll try that in 15 -20 years!

Cindy, we have the teapot down from the top of the cupboard and washed! Russ will send you a picture of it later today. It is so pretty.

We went to do our wills yesterday, we got the paper work filled out and sat to wait our turn. When we found out there was a 3 hour wait, we decided to leave. The woman at the desk gave us a number to call tomorrow and she'll set us up an appointment! Hope I remember! Tomorrow is fasting day at the doctor for both of us! Not my favorite thing. It is impossible to get blood out of my arms, hard from my hands sooooo they do it from the top of my foot! OUCH!!!! I have tiny tiny veins and they roll or collapse. The tech hates to see me come in.

This is a bad week for me. I have a full medicare check up Friday. Pap, set appointment for a mammogram, utrasound of my stomach, chest xray, the whole nine yards. What a way to spend Halloween!
Tonight is new recipe night! I am making General Tso's chicken! At Wal Mart I got the 5 dried peppers I needed. At the register they wouldn't show on the scales since they didn't weight anything. I finally got something free from there!!!!


mrsb said...

If it turns out good, send me the recipe!

12-arrows said...

FREE from Walmart! YAHOO! My kids love General Tao's! well we all do!

And I love love love the teapot! Thank you Uncle Russ for getting it down and sending me a picture! I am going to put it as my screensaver!

Aelwyn said...

I tagged you!