Friday, October 24, 2008

We are #1

Just heard our town has had an honor bestowed on it!!!! WE are number one for having the most home robberies in the state of TEXAS!!!!! Isn't that quite an honor! We aren't too far behind on murders. As much as I love the military sometimes living in a military town isn't so much fun!

They are having Retiree's Day at Ft. Hood Sat. I guess we are going to go make wills and living wills. I know, we should have done it years ago. We just never knew what we wanted to do with the "STUFF" . Most of which no one else would want! LOL I can't see any of my daughters or granddaughters wanting my 100 plus teapots! The Good Will will have a field day! Maybe Ebay! I have a couple that are worth money. My prize is the one my father gave my mom on their first wedding anniversary. It is 83 or 84years old.


mrsb said...

I don't know about all 100, but I've had my eye on that Aladdin's lamp for 30 years.... I rubbed that sucker on a regular basis trying to get 3 wishes!

12-arrows said...

WOW send a picture of that teapot! I would love to see a photo of it, how special that you kept it all these years, what a keepsake and a heritage of the love that was between the two of your parents! Grandma must have treasured it because you now have it! Oh I just love that!