Friday, November 28, 2008


Some cold front just moved in! I had to make the rounds closing windows! I am not a winter person, I need HEAT!

I have seen lots of family has visited this little blog. I sure wish you all would learn to leave commments. I miss you all and wish we could visit in person.

Mike has made good process on our saga. He has all of Russ' exposed dry wall treated! He had to spray this stuff on and use a scrub brush on it, then spray a containing stuff on. He spent a day using a respirator, large rubber gloves and a fan sucking our the back door way. The happy ending is it all came clean. This AM before going to work he painted it with a mold killing primer. Russ has the most clean inside of walls ever! Mike even wrote 2008 and our names in there with a marker. We are so thankful it came clean and we don't have to rip the tile down in Russ' bathroom.
We have a guy coming tomorrow to see if he can redo my dryer exhaust. Mike can't fit in that space under the house. We need a teeny guy for that.

Oh, my gosh! I went to the laundtomat today! 15 dollars to wash and dry clothes. You could tell it had been a long time since I have had to wash clothes out. I about had a heart attack at the cost of using a washer!

The adjuster called this afternoon and they finally put the checks in the mail. They were suppose to be here already. Looks like it will be Monday before we get them. We were hoping to hit Lowes Sunday on Mike's day off so we could load up his truck.

I got everyones Christmas list yesterday. No one could eat Thanksgiving dinner if they hadn't given me a list! LOL. We are doing something different this year! We all can only spend $10 or under on each others Christmas gifts. ( Think I already broke it!) The two grandkids here loved the idea. They think it is fun to really hunt for clever gifts. We shall see when they don't get the big gift cards from Grandma and Grandad.

I am off to chop up brisket to make BarBQ sandwiches for dinner! Soooo GOOD!

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mrsb said...

Need to send me lists for everyone else. I have no ideas for Trice and Mike. The kids might just get $10 in a card, lol!

I wanna get done and get it in the mail so it actually gets there in time (for a change).