Saturday, November 29, 2008


I never thought I'd be thrilled over a toilet, but let me tell you, I am thrilled! Mike's friend from work came over to day ( the skinny one). He redid my dryer exhaust, fixed a joist under the house and completely rebuilt my toilet. ( some pipe or something had caved in.) I now have my bathroom back!!! The kid only wanted $60 for doing all that. Russ made sure he was well paid. A plumber would have charged an arm and leg for what he did.

I put up our little tree today. I always love doing it because it stands on the table I was given when my mother in law passed. It feels like she is with us. I did it all in gold and white this year. I have my butterflies on it. They are made from these things that grow on my butterfly vine. I dried a bunch of them and painted them gold. Russ took a couple pictures to show the butterflies. The tree looks awful because he was trying to show them It really is pretty! LOL


mrsb said...

I think we'll be getting our tree this weekend. Maybe if we get the tree, I'll get some holiday spirit. I sure don't have it yet. Just seems like a big pain in the butt right now.

And Tucker ate a drawer full of chocolate oranges that I had hidden for Chrystian. Stupid dog. Now he'll probably have the poops. Ugh.

TexasGrandma said...

Oh my, I'll never look at another chocolate orange with out thinking of Tucker! Any other dog, all that chocolate would kill them!