Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It is break time!

I have the last of todays cooking in the oven! Pumpkin pie, made the pecan earlier. I even made pie crust!!! With the leftover dough I made little cinnamon-sugar rolls like my mom always made when I was little. They are about gone so I guess everyone enjoyed them. Russ got up at 5 and got the turkey started. He has the pork roast and brisket on now. The windows are all open so I am getting good smells from the back yard.
It is 12:57 PM and I am still in my PJs. I get so messy when I cook that shower time is after I'm done. I cook like my Mom, half what I cook gets on my belly! ( At least it isn't in my belly! LOL)
We hired our handyman! His name is MIKE!!!!! He said he'd do it for a price! Think his price is a fancy paintball gun!!! He has gotten a lot of the ripping out done. The rest is waiting for the check to get here. It was to be here today but guess it'll be Friday! All I got in the mail today was a Francesville paper!

Hope each of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and all have great fun with your families!


12-arrows said...

At least you know the work will get done and he won't scam you! Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Love to you!

mrsb said...

Oh, I remember those little pie crust roll up thingies! Not from grandma, but you used to make them when we were little.