Sunday, November 30, 2008


Russ and I just got back from the Commissary ( military grocery). Did I ever get a bargain and stocked the freezer! They had a Tyson chicken sale. Breasts, $1.19 #, thighs - .40 #, whole chickens - .40#, legs - .43#, and wings - .50#. I bought lots and even got some for Trice. Wish Kris lived here, I could have gotten her some too! That would have been a nice Christmas present. Russ bought a beef and a pork bundle yesterday so now my freezer in full to the brim. The pantry is full so for a couple months all I need to buy is fresh veggies and paper/cleaning. I am pretty stocked up on those too. Sure does make me feeel good.

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mrsb said...

Dang! That's a great sale! Meat is the thing that kills my shopping budget most weeks. That and pet food!