Monday, November 17, 2008


I am so PO'd! The insurance guy was here, and they will not cover the bathroom fix because the leak there was longer than 14 days! They are having some fancy company come in and clear all the moisture under the house and then spray with stuff so we get no mildew and growing crud. We have to pay $250 deductable on that, plus we haven't gotten the plumber bill yet. The fix on the low pressure in the kitchen was a quick fix today. Alex the plumber came in and ask if we'd cleaned the airrator. the answer was yes, bothMike and Russ had it off and cleaned it! Well, since we have a faucet with a sprayer on it, there is a second one. He cleaned it and we have great pressure. Or rather, Mike cleaned it and Alex put it back together. Maybe we should send the plumber a bill! LOL
So anyway, I still can't use my toilet! After they come and dry us out, Mike will go under the house and fix the rotting joice and put a new ring in the toilet and see if that stops the leak. If so it will be a quick fix until we have the money to rip out all the floor tile and fix the sub floor. It all means taking out the sink cabinet, my linen closet because the floor tile is under them. This tile on the floor is 60+ years old and meant to last forever. It will be hard to remove it. Then I'll have to have all new cabinets, sink, the whole sheebang! Lots of $$$$$!


12-arrows said...

its never easy is it? sometimes the problems piggy back one another. UGH! I feel your pain.

mrsb said...

That sucks. Happy Novemeber! So far we are still getting away with just the washer. *knock wood*