Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He was here!!!

The insurance guy was to be here at 8 this AM. Well, at 7:50 I left for Wal Mart. I figured if I wasn't here my mouth wouldn't get me in trouble! He was still here when I got home, but the news is mostly good! A specialist will come in and test the wall and see what needs to be done. They have to repair everything they tear up in making it right! Plus, he said to go to Lowes and pick out a new dryer that is comparable to mine and give him the cost, plus cost of delivery and set up. He will cut me a check to get it!!!!
Also, if we want to any time this all is going on, we can move into a hotel at their cost. We can even get a pet friendly room so we can take Bo. If the mold is too bad and they have to remove the hot water heater to fix walls we probably will for awhile! The sad part was I bought everything for Thanksgiving while I was at Wal Mart and now we may be in a hotel! Mike and Trice's places are too small to have it at their places. We may end up at Henderson's. If Trice has to work part of the day she can wait on us! LOL

Oh my gosh was last night BAD!!! I tried to sleep in that little twin bed! ( I can't sleep with Russ cause I make his arms bleed!!!!) That didn't work, I kept about falling off. From there I went to the recliner, to the living room floor, to the cold leather love seat! I ended up reading most of the night. Poor Bo didn't know why I wasn't in my bed so he chose last night to sleep with me. He followed me place to place! This is the dog that sleeps with Russ every night. He has never slept with me. It was pretty fiunny with both of us on that tiny loveseat!!!


12-arrows said...

So glad you are finally be taken care of and hey, enjoy that time at a hotel! look at it as an adventure. I sure would. Maid service. Oh my gosh that would be a gift!!!! and when you return home all new and improved! I know its an inconvenience but it will be worth it in the end, for your health and safety!

mrsb said...

Make sure you get a good one! Will they pay for your meals, since you can't cook? If not, maybe you can find one with a tiny little kitchenette.

I'd start looking into it, just in case.

At least you only have the one dog. We'd be in big trouble, lol!