Sunday, November 23, 2008


We just got back from having breakfast at the Mexican place! It was so good. The waitress made me fresh OJ. As usual we got hugs from the two waitresses and the the guy who runs the cash register. Even the owner came out to shake hands! Think it is all cause Russ tips really good! Ha

There is no news on our leak front! Have not seen anyone for a couple days. After Russ' doctor's appointment tomorrow, he will be making phone calls! The utility rooms is starting to smell bad! Heck, I could have ripped that plaster board out by now by my self!!!!

This afternoon I am going to get my pie crusts mix and in the frig. I can dice veggies and do small things ahead. Russ will smoke the turkey, brisket and pork roast Wed. It will take from early morning until late in the day. We are going ahead and planning to have Thanksgiving like usual. Just watch, they will come in Wed. and decide to take out the hot water heater or some thing to make life hard for the day! If so, I'll tell the grandkids they have to do dishes!!! LOL

It had warmed up over night. I just needed long sleeves this AM. We have been watching the temps in Indiana and New Jersey! I don't know how you all stand the cold. When it gets cold here (in the 40's) Arthur always comes to visit Russ and me. He just isn't a very nice guy! Since they have lowered Russ' prednisone he is having lots of problems with joints and muscles. He sees the doctor tomorrow that regulates his meds so we shall see. I will be going with him as I ask more questions than he does. I don't care if the doctor thinks I am dumb, I'll ask anyway.

I think I am getting senile! I sent my sis in law an ecard for her birthday yesterday and it's not until the 30th. It says 30th on the calendar too! Guess I am trying to get this month over quickly! It hasn't been a good one!

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mrsb said...

It's 26 this morning. I hope my long johns are clean, lol.