Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More of the Story!

The good news today is that the guy came and set up the dryers. The bad news to that is the crawl space is in my bedroom so I have to move out of it for the rest of the week! Now for the really bad news!!! They removed the medicine chest in Russ' bathroom today and the inside of the walls in there are covered with mold. His bath has the hot water heater on the other side of his bath. The insurance guy is coming back tomorrow so we will find out then if it is covered. We may have to rip up the bath, my utility room, the closet the hot water heater is in and my pantry. Fun at the Allen house!!! If it isn't covered by insurance, Mike will have lots of work to do!!!!!

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12-arrows said...

WOW! but thankful you found it because that stuff can totaly make you sick. What a job and will be praying it is covered this time.