Monday, November 24, 2008


We finally saw the guy today that is drying the under side of the house. They are coming tomorrow to remove all the equipment!!!! I get my bedroom back!!!!!!I can't wait to get a good nights sleep! The insurance is paying the total cost of that.

Then the adjuster called! He is sending two checks tomorrow! One for my new dryer and one to get the walls tore out and repaired. It is a pretty good settlement. Should be enough to pay for all repairs and labor! Now if we just can find the guy we want to do it. We don't have his new number. We are on a search because he does good work for a better price! Last summer he built our deck and helped put down sod for free. All we had to pay was materials.

I have a lot done towards Thanksgiving and have started getting the utility room cupboards emptied. I bet a lot less goes back in than came out! How do we get so much worthless stuff cramed in cupboards???? I think I have 4 sets of old flatware up there. I know good and well I'll never use it again. Anyway, tomorrow the washer and dryer comes out! Laundromat here I come. I can't stand for laundry to sit more than a couple days.

Hope ebveryone has a great Thanksgiving. Will update my leak saga after Thanksgiving.

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mrsb said...

Send me your forks! LOL.

Glad they are going to pay. Hopefully you can get it done at a good price and have a little "extra" so you two can go out and have a little fun with it.