Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's good I have a sense of humor!!!

Russ got a pepsi out of the refrigerator in the garage for dinner. It was hot!!! We ran out there and all the broth I'd made that was in the freezer was melting! I quick put it in trhe big freezer! I had all the meat for Thanksgiving in it too. We got out the big ice chest and put the meat on ice , then wrapped the chest. Thank God the meat was still cold! We just had to stand there and laugh, what next!!! I will spend the morning cleaning the frig and then Mike will try turning it over. Sometimes turning them upside down restarts them. Haven't quite figured out why! If I drank, think I'd just tie one on tonight!!!!LOL


12-arrows said...

LOL LOL LOL I just love your sense of humor and I especially enjoy laughing. thanks for sharing your adventures its nice to know others have those "murphy's" days too! Sometimes if you don't laugh you could curl up like and a baby and just bawl!!!! Love ya!

mrsb said...

Good gosh. It's just your November, isn't it?