Sunday, December 21, 2008

I thought we were finished!

That is what I get for bragging! I thought we were done with repairs! We bought a new faucet for Russ' bathroom yesterday. Well, last night Mike went to install it and found it had leaked into the sink vanity and made a mess of it. Off they went to Lowes ( I should get paid for advertising). They brought one home and Russ isn't crazy about it. We left it in the box and will check Home Depot this morning for a better one. His bath is so small that they don't have much choice in the size we need. The painting on his floor isn't going well, We have tried 3 red paints and hate them all. Soo today it is back to primer! He has decided to paint it white and put a couple coats of sealer on it! Then he will get a couple bright colored rugs. Russ is so more picky than I am. I can live with my 1960's flesh colored tiles! I just mostly go in there to pee or shower and really don't care what the color is! I do know I will be putting a large gift card on his bathroom door!!!!!

Here it is 4 days before Christmas and I haven't even shopped for Christmas Eve snacks or Christmas dinner. We open gifts on Eve and always have a table full of junk food. This year, Mike got a big meat and cheese box and Trice is making some things. Think it'll be chips and chili cheese dip for me! I have to come up with breads and salads for Thursday's dinner. I am so tired of the same old stuff. I have a grandson that will be so disappointed when I don't make Pink Stuff! ( cottage cheese, pineapple. cool whip and dry jello) I have to make that for every get together. That boy can eat bowl fulls of it.

Russ is up feeding Bo so I better go get cleaned up! Since Russ has no sink, we are sharing mine today! I want to go first!!! I hate waiting on people!
Have a nice warm Sunday! It is cold here today! It was 79 yesterday, 35 this morning and to be 23 tonight! Wish you people would keep the cold up north!!!! LOl

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12-arrows said...

you are just so funny. . .and its only 14 here and we just keep getting socked by the snow. Would you like some of that to go with your cold weather too?? we are happy to share!