Tuesday, December 9, 2008

All most done!

Mike is painting the last of the cupboard doors and then the utility room is done!!!! It looks so nice. He really did a great job.
All this has got Russ in the redo mode! He has primer on his bath walls and ready to be painted. When that is done he is using a special primer and paint and doing the ceramic tiles in there. They are now 1960's bright yellow. He has always hated them. He is doiung the tiles white and the walls white. The floor has the same tiles but unglazed. He is painting them a shade of red and using the red for the trim on his window. He'll get new shower curtains and towels to match.
I need to start taking down teapots in the kitchen and washing walls so Mike can paint in there. Then the dining area. I have to empty the hutch before it is moved. The last time I ask Mike to move it, He did!!!!! He did not know the top was not attached. It fell with all my family antiques and my crystal! I picked it all up with a dust pan! I cried a while and then got kinda happy! I never had to hand wash all thart crap again! We never used it, it just collected dust. Why do we all hang on to stuff that no one uses. I know my girls probably didn't want it either.

I think (hope) I am getting a red kitchen aid mixer for Christmas. Russ has been looking around. I want a red toaster too but I'm not going to press my luck!
Mike has things in the works to get his truck fixed. The person that hit him was 17 and no drivers licence. He got a renal today. All the insurance would pay for is this small car. He looks so funny getting out of it. He is 6'1" and 250 #.

I best go fix dinner, I have two guys who are working hard and will be hungry! Oh, Mike had his leftover Chinese dinner with him last night. It is now all over the truck. Bet it''ll smell like General Tso's chickren for a long time!!! LOL


12-arrows said...

I just love reading your blog and can just picture all that goes on in my mind! and you are right about all the "stuff" we hang on too for no apparent reason. You have got to be so excited about all the freshening-up your home is going through. Painting can sure make a home smell clean. Will you get all this done before Christmas? And by the way a few pictures of your projects would be welcomed...........hint hint

mrsb said...

I will cry great salty tears of jealousy if you get my red kitchen aid mixer, lol! If you get the toaster, too, we are through.

When I win the lottery (and I just know it'll be soon)(*snort*) I'll have that whole red '50's kitchen I've been dreaming about for the last 15 years.

I bet everything looks great! When dad and Mike are done, you can send them over here!

TexasGrandma said...

Cindy, Will send the pictures soon! i am waiting on that new Kitchen Aid! LOL

Kris, the charcoal gray trim just cries out for the red mixer and toaster. I already have the red electric can opener. Can't ask for too much more, the money is going fast!

12-arrows said...

love the new look of the blog. SWeet!