Friday, December 12, 2008

Monti Paper

I just read online in the Monticello paper that the town of Monon has selected my brother in law as the Grand Marshal. Way to go Monon. This is one person that deserves the honor. For many years he has donated his time ( and money) to being Santa for the whole town. This includes the parade, visits to cafes, home visits, you name it. He is now fighting the big "C" and can't do it this year. I have never seen a beter Santa than him. He is much loved and we wish we could be there to see him honored.

Things are going slow here. If we get done by Christmas it'll be a miracle. Did you ever start a remodel and every day you add something else to the list. It sounds little when you add it but when you start on it it some how grows into something big! Mike had to attend to business on his truck yesterday so we lost one day. I spent the day digging grout out from around the tiles in Russ' bathroom! Some of it must have been as old as me! It was like cement! I really had equipment though.... A chisel, 2 kitchen knives and a box cutter. It is a wonder I didn't cut my finger off! LOL

We are starting to get Christmas boxes from New Jersey. That is always exciting. Kris always orders on line so I get to open them all and rewrap. It is fun to see what she sent everyone ahead of time. I still have very little shopping done, Guess most will get cash this year. The 21 and 23 year olds will like that. Russ and I are giving all this house stuff to each other. Think the biggest present for him was repainting. He hated the colors before.

I hear Russ and Bo up so I better go start some breakfast! It will be a full day of painting today! I even paint in my dreams!!!!!!

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mrsb said...

I had more fun this year buying things, knowing that they could just be $10. It was fun to search for them.

I wish everyone I knew was doing it that way!!