Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another beautiful day!

First thing this morning we went to our other home! LOWES!!!! We needed drywall and insulation. Since Mike is on a no climbing, lifting restriction, Russ and I decided we would put up one more sheet and then get it ready for shelves. Well, we started to put it up and discovered Mike had been a little heavy handed with the drill bits. Russ is now shopping for new ones that will get hidden! LOL This whole thing will be funny. Two crippled up Seniors hanging drywall! I get my self in some messes!!!!!

Mike is still dating the rancher. He found out her 20 year old is expecting and the boyfriend skipped out. Looks like Mama is going to foot the expenses. Maybe end up raising the baby. If Mike sticks with her he might end up a Granddad!!! LOl

It is another beautiful day! The high is suppose to be 79 today and tomorrow. Then we get the dreaded cold front coming in. I can't wait until Feb. By the end of Feb. we can turn off furnaces and start planning gardens!

I hear little Dude barking. I better go see if Bo is eating him!!!!

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