Wednesday, January 21, 2009

what a beautiful day!

It is 75 out and beautiful! The windows are open and we are cooking on the grill tonight! Tomorrow is suppose to be 79. I hope this is a sign spring is on the way!

Mike just got back from the ortho doctor. He has to have anMRI and most likely surgery. It will be same day surgery but off work 2 weeks. He is not to lift anything over 5 pounds now so I guess the garage is at a stand still.

I hear Russ. He just got home from his Spanish class. Think next week we are going to try to makethe geneology class they are starting. All this is at the old farts center! It is a beautiful center, brand new this year.

It is time to wrap sweet potatoes for the grill. Ya all be good.


Cindy said...

we enjoyed steaks on the grill, however, our temps was around 10 degrees! LOL, but I surely would have loved yours. I can't even imagine what that must feel like but hey, today we are supposed to be 34, now thats warm considering we just had -10 dontyathink????

think of me when you open those windows, because thats my FAV thing to do in the spring, ah the smell of the fresh outdoors!

Sometimes, if we've been sick with the flu, I sneak open windows upstairs just the tinyest of a crack to let in the fresh air. Love it.

Ruth said...

Oh, just quit gloating about your 79 degrees! Today we are going to be above freezing, so there!!!!
I am so tired of snow and cold that I changed my screen saver to a tropical beach with a plam tree overhanging it! Anything to fool myself into thinking it's really not that cold here-haha!
Hope Mike does well with his surgery. Will he go to physical therapy after?
Good for Russ taking some interesting classes at the center. The Purdue extension in town recently sent out their lisitngs of classes like that and quit a few of them sounded like fun. I think I'll look into going to a couple.
Stay cool