Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Friday!

This week has went by so fast! You couldn't tell it by looking at my house but it has been a busy week! Today is labeled house cleaning day! It is 7:30, I have 2 bedrooms, one bath, the utiliy room all cleaned and breakfast done! I'm really on a roll!

Russ and I got the sheet rock up yesterday and Russ got the mud on. We (he) did a good job. I hope to get it sanded today and ready to paint. We have to work in bits. When we get this section done and the shelves up and loaded we can finish the rest.

Russ is getting ready to go do some business on Ft. Hood. That means I can really get to work. I have a hard time working with him home. If he sits I think I should too! LOl

This week end I'll have Russ take a new picture of Little Dude. He has gained weight and his hair is finally starting to grow! Russ says he is so ugly he is cute. Bo and him are really best buds. They dop everything together, including drinking out of the water bowl at the same time. It is just too cute.

Well, I have a bathroom floor calling my name. I hate mopping! I'd rather iron all day! Spend your Friday wisely so the week end came be spent having fun!!!!!


12-arrows said...

Oh my goodness you have been a busy beaver already! I just love a totally clean house. My needs some serious deep cleaning, but I just don't have the motivation because I want to move! LOL

My mom is coming today, so that means, the eagle eye will be giving everything the once over! White glove tests here they come!

mrsb said...

I haven't been online so much lately, but I'm so jealous of your weather! Grr! It's really warmed up today -- we are up to 22!! Tomorrow is supposed to go all the way up to 46. It's like a heat wave! I'm living in thermal tops to keep my back from being too bad. My house may never smell like anything but Ben Gay again, lol!

You should see my freezer, though! I've been on a baking kick. Yesterday I made 4 loaves of white bread, a loaf of Italian, and a couple dozen muffins. Half of everything went in the freezer.

One of these days I'll get back to updating my blog. Just too much going on right now.