Friday, January 16, 2009

blub, blub

Someone in this family now has a cell phone full of "blue" water!!! And this time it's not me!!!! How funny!!!

Mike got his truck back today!!! I'm so glad. We turned in his rental this AM. 8 days, $350. My poor credit card will never be the same! I can't believe how high the charges are. He's all set now if he gets his phone fixed. Whhooppsss!

Russ survived his sleep test. He won't get the results until next month when he sees the doctor that ordered it. I HATE to wait on things.

It is still cold here. Next week we are suppose to warm up. I hope so. We haven't been able to open windows in over two weeks. I need sunshine and fresh air to survive!

I am so glad Russ is home tonight. I had a very large mini schnauzers butt in my neck all night last night. Little Dude just curls up in the middle of the bed and sleeps. Not Bo, he has to be covered up and get as close to you as he can. I sure am glad he didn't have gas last night!

Well, this computer is in need of some tender loving care. It is slow as molasses so Russ is going to do some magic tonight and fix it, I hope! Everyone have a safe, fun filled weekend!

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