Thursday, January 15, 2009

Had enough!

Half way through the day today I'd had enough of that stupid brace and took it off. I was getting a blister and it hurt worse with it on than off!

Russ got his biopsy back today! No cancer!!! Thank the good Lord! His xrays showed he has arthritis in every possible place in the pelvis area. The doctor told him he had to just live with it.

Russ is getting ready to leave for the sleep clinic. That means I get to share my bed tonight with 2 dogs instead of one!

Mike is suppose to get his truck back tomorrow! Good thing, the rental runs out at 9 am tomorrow.
Ruth, sure hope you gert it settled with your insurance. Don't let them give you back a stinky car!

I sure hope all you Northeners are keeping warm. I have been watching the temps up there all day. It is sooo cold. It is to be like 25 here tonight and I am freezing. I hace on flannel pj pants, a heavy sweater , heavy socks and slippers. My hands are still cold. And yes, the heat is on. I know it is all in my mind, but darn , I'm still cold!

Wll, I best go so I can lock up after Russ. Don't want the boogy man to get me tonight! After he leaves I will curl up in bed with my book and remote and stay there until he gets home at 6:15 tomorrow! Mike did offer to stay here tonight but that is too much like having a baby sitter! LOl Night everyone!!!

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12-arrows said...

I hate staying by myself too, its just not the same as a big strong man in the house willing to defend you! We are staying warm and enjoying the day off from school! the kids also have Monday off so its a nice long weekend.

O had to make Jacquelines blog private getting some strangers stopping by all too often.