Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Morning!

It is the start of another fine morning! Yesterday it got up to 70 here and it looks like another sunny day!

The big news of the week end is Mike dated a woman Saturday night that he liked enough to have dinner at her house yesterday! Mike is VERY picky. This woman is a little older than him and skinny! That is a big deal to him. He doesn't date "thick" women! LOL She is a manager of a ranch! Yes, a horse raising, cattle feeding ranch! That is right up Mike's alley! She loves to ride horse and go two stepping. Both of which he can't do right now because of his knee. He sees the docyor Wed. so maybe it won't be long until he can have some fun!

The garage is coming along. There is more wall board up and Saturday the overhead shelves came down. A lot of stuff made it to the trash. I fought and won to keep my 2 very large containers of teapots and all my Christmas stuff. They are going to put up some sheving, just not so big or so high.

I still am resting my ankle. I wear the brace if I am going to be on my feet long. It is getting real old and my house is a dusty mess. So today I get off my duff and do something! Just wiping down the bathrooms just isn't working. Today they get scrubbed!

Today is our grandson Joe's 12 birthday! He is such a special kid. He spent the first 2 1/2 years here in Texas. He spent a lot of time with us and he was so cute. The devil just shined in his eyes! Just the way little boys should be. After they moved away we found out he has a form of autism. He may have some different ways but he is still that kid with the sparkling eyes and is so much fun. He has the best laugh in the world. Happy birthday Joe!!!!

You all have a happy MLK DAY!!! I know the kids are home from school so you all have fun with them today!

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12-arrows said...

I just LOVE the sparkle in little boys eyes! How could I not? I have ten of them!!! LOL glad you were able to keep your treasures. we all need to hang on to somethings that mean alot to us! Enjoy your wonderfully warm day, you lucky person you!