Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Garage

Mike and Russ are now into redoing the work bench area of our garage that really isn't a garage! Many years ago we took off the garage door and put in a window. We were "Someday" going to make it into a room! Well, it houses the work bench and tools, the frig and freezer, Up above starage shelves, tread mill and what ever I happen to throw out there. It still is not insulated or sheet rocked. The only good thing about our "garage" is no one can open a door and show the world what a mess it is!

I saw the cutest thing yesterday. Bo came in the doggie door and then turned around and used his head to hold it open for Lil' Dude. Does anyone know how to get a dog over being afraid of the dark? We can't get the little guy to potty outside after dark. He sits down and shakes. Russ has tried walking him on a leash and everything. I have started caging him at nightb so he doesn't pee in the house. This morning at 5:30 Russ took him out and nothing. Brought him in and he peed in Russ' computer room. Wrong thing to do!!!!! He got his whole head rubbed in it and gingerly pushed out the dog door! When he finally got in, I had to stick his whole head under the faucet, he smelt so bad. Now I will have to bath him when it warms up today. I think I got punished more than the dog!

Tomorrow we are going to the Habitat for Humanity Store. They have a huge store about 6 blocks from here. We are hoping to find some cabinets for the garage and any other good bargains. We have never been there but their web site looks good.

Keep Russ' sister in your thoughts today and tomorrow. Today is visitation and tomorrow the funeral.

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