Friday, January 2, 2009


I walked in my computer room and Russ had put this picture on my home page!!! It was taken in 1972! I was a whole 28 at the time! Can you believe I paid good money for that hair do?? We were in Okinawa and I got that do and a great massage for $3.00. Notice the damask fully lined drapes behind us. I made lined pinch pleated drapes for the whole house for less than $50. Now you can't cover a bathroom window for that!!!
I have a new recipe cooking in the oven. Beef stew in the oven! It smells so good. I sure hope it turns out. Tomorrow its Vietnamese Beef soup! It is nice that I have a husband that will try all the crazy things I make!

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12-arrows said...

what a beautiful picture and I am sure that as you looked at it you were taken down memory lane. I just love looking at old photos!