Monday, January 5, 2009

It is Cold!!!!

Wow! We had ice hanging on all the tree limbs today! The high today for us was 34. That with the rain made for a miserable day.

Mike finally went to the doctor today. He is being refered to a surgeon. Looks like he will be laid up awhile if he has to have knee surgery.
Russ saw the doctor today and he had to have xrays of both hips. I sure hope he doesn't have to have replacement surgery. I'd really be up the creek if both were to be recovering at the same time! LOL

They are making some progress in the garage. I crawled under the work bench last night to paint legs. Let me tell you that bare cement floor was cold! There is no heat out there.

Thank to Kris this blog has a new look. She surprised me today! Russ just sent her a picture to put at the top to replace Bo's Christmas. Every one has such nice pictures on their blogs, he sent my best! Too bad it was taken in 1959!!!!!!!! With that I'll say good night!

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12-arrows said...

gosh your daughter does amazing things to your blog. I would love to update mine but just am not quite sure how to go about it. I LOVE your new photo! Thanks for your precious words on my blog last night. You touched my heart. Let me ask does it ever get any easier letting your kids go?