Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President

I don't know who all watched Obama be sworn in today. It was much better than I thought. I also don't know who likes or dislikes Bush but he showed such Texan hospitality today. He was so kind and loving to the Obama family and showed such grace! Russ said he should have turned around and gave the world the "bird" as he walked off. I said he could never do anything like that, Mama Barbara would have really got him! Obama is bbeing shown much love and admiration right now. Let him make one mistake or say something the people don't like and he will soon lose favor just like every other President. I don't wish that job on anyone.

Yesterday after Russ got cleaned up he came in and told me he thought he was getting celulitis again. ( bad infection he gets in his legs). Sure enough there was an indent in his leg. I quickly called the doctor and off we went. He does have the beginnings of an infection but Dr. S put him on antibotics and changed another med. Hopefully this has caught it in time. I'd hate for him to have another week in the hospital. Life is so exciting! 99% spent in doctor waiting rooms! LOL

Russ is home, gotta go


Ruth said...

Sounds like another fun day at your house.
I didn't see the inauguration, but did read O'Bama's speech online. It all sounds good on paper, but then the #^*! hits the fan in real life and the promises and pretty speeches go out the window. I worry way more about the decisions being made by the Congress than I do the ones made by the President. They have the real power!
Glad Mike got his truck back. I just heard from State Farm and they are going to total my car, so I pick up a check today and have until Monday to buy something new! I really wanted a little more time than that to choose. I guess I can just pay for 2-3 more days on the rental out of pocket!
Take care.
Love you guys!

TexasGrandma said...

Ruth, so glad you got the insurance to total out your car! You would never have been comfortable in it if they'd fixed it. You need to get one with BIG tires(for floods) and never park next to anyone at movies! LOL Think I'd just rent DVDs. LOL
Take your time and get something you really like.
A good price would be nice too.

Ruth said...

I can't take too much time--State Farm is cancelling my rental on Monday. So, either I buy a new car before then or pay out of pocket to continue renting! I think I've paid enough out of pocket lately!!
I was really going to look for something with AWD, but there sure aren't many choices that aren't vans/minivans/crossovers and that really isn't the type of car I need or want.
So I may just go with another Altima. Except for some minor aggravations, I did like driving it a lot. Just have to be more careful in the winter.