Wednesday, January 14, 2009

got the stupid brace!

I got the brace! Is it a pain! I have to slip my foot in the thing and then it laces up higher than high top shoes. Then it has all kinds of velcro straps. It takes me and Russ to get it on. This is a big deal as my foot has to be flat on the floor to do it and Russ doesn't do getting on the floor! His legs makes it real hard for him to get up again. I was glad no one had a camera to get pictures this morning of us trying to get it right! Wasn't pretty!!!! Lol
I had to find a pair of extra wide tennis shoes and take the laces out to be able to wear shoes. Don't think I'll go many places for the next few weeks.

I did get takeout last night! They got Barbeque! Had brisket, ribs and sausage, potato salad and cole slaw. BarBq comes with onions and dill pickle slices. I get the onions but have never figured out dill pickles. Guess it is a Texan thing. I still have too much Yankee in me to understand the quirks of Texans.

Guess it is time to hobble around and get some work done. First thing is clean this keyboard. It looksa like someone ate lunch over it. ( I did!!!!!)


mrsb said...

Good heavens you guys are all over there falling apart!

It's 19 degrees here right now. Friday is supposed to be down to 7!!! The high will be around 20. What the heck am I doing in this frigid wasteland, lol?

Did Mike get another rental, or did he finally get his truck back?

12-arrows said...

lol seriously you are a hoot and I love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm going to try this comment thing and see what happens!
Those boot/braces are lovely. There's a gal who works down the hall from me who wore one for a year!!

It was -7 this morning when I came to work and is supposed to be even colder tonight. Too *%#^ cold to go anywhere but home in front of the TV.

State Farm is giving me a BIG headache over my car. The last I heard the collision center had contacted the claims adjuster to make him go there and see "some things" they found when they tore down the car. Haven't heard since then, that was Tuesday, I think! My next step will be contacting a lawyer and taking them all to court!! Man, I hate having to fight for what is rightfully mine!!!

Have to go--there's a guy here tp process all our outdated drugs.

Just remember your body isn't as young as that picture at the top of your blog!