Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Painting days are over!!!!!!!!!

Well, I finally went to the doctors today, (under force!) My achiles tendon in my left ankle is all messed up from so much ladder climbing. When Mike gets here he has to take me on Ft. Hood to the brace shop. Russ can't do it as he hasn't the registration on the truck yet, so he has no pass. I have to wear a brace for 3 weeks and then if it isn't better she will send me to a specialist for cortisone shots! I am having lots of problems with my hips hurting at night to where I wake up every hour and a half. So, it was off for xrays. In the mean time I got lots of motron. I shouldn't feel much! LOL

At least I got the painting done in Russ' room. He will have to hire Mike or else fix his bath floor him self!

I'm telling you all, SKIP 65. Just go right to 66. 65 is a crappy year!

Russ just took my perscription over to get filled and then to the Vet's to get Bo's food. I have an hour of quite time to my self. I'm off to the bed to read awhile! Maybe they will feel sorry for me and get take out tonight! Ya think???? LOl

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