Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It is Lawyer time!

Mike found out today the other drivers insurance will not pay as the daughter wasn't a listed driver. His truck still isn't fixed and Mike's rental car insurance ran out today. He is now without a car and can not get to work tomorrow. So, he is going to see a lawyer tomorrow. This family should not get off scot free . She was driving without a lisence.Why would a parent allow that , especially when she had her sister with her.

I've been painting again! My fingers are white! I am so messy! I was down on my hands and knees painting wall board.

Tomorrow I paint the trim in Russ' bedroom. Russ had gotten a new quilt for his bed (an expensive one) and it got ruined when someone set a moldy medicine chest on it. ( Not ME) So I helped him pick one out this morning. Well, it clashes with the trim, so now I get to paint that! I really think I need a vacation!!!

I had a note from my niece to day and she came out of the movies to find the truck parked next to her had burned and she has a ruined car! Soot, water and broken windows. That movie sure cost her a lot!

WEll, I best hit the shower and remove all this white stuff! Tomorrow I'll be brown!!! LOl

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12-arrows said...

I just love your posts. . . have I said that before. So real, so sincere and so true to life!