Saturday, January 10, 2009


Yesterday started out with taking the dogs to get beautiful.. After we got home Russ went to see a car salesman that was back at Dodge Country. He is the guy that has sold us all our car/trucks. Well, to make a long story short, Russ came home with a 09 Dodge pick up. I am now with out a car as he traded in the van. I am NOT happy!!!!! I have been promised a little used car to tool around town. I did get a catfish dinner out of it all!!!!! LOL
Men and there toys. Gotta love them!

Mike saw the lawyer and he said Mike has a good case. They will start it all after Mike sees the ortho doctor.

Today I am finishing the trim in Russ' room. Then, I get to start all over in Russ' bath. The poly sealer I used turned yellow! It looks like someone peed all over the floor! I have the right stuff now. Russ is at Lowes getting me a little hand held sander. Who knows I might tackle the hard wood floors next! You never know about me!!!!

Sounds like Russ' is home, I better look busy!!!! Have a great week end!

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