Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is crazy!

Yesterday the weather was in the mid 80s. Today it is 36 with a wind chill of 28. Is that not crazy?????

There are trees here called Mountain Cedar. They start to pollenate in late Oct. and really get going in Jan. and Feb. I am VERY allergic when they pollenate. Yesterday turned into a bad day! I have been on allergy medicine since the first day of Oct. It all flew out the window yesterday. I couldn't see out of my eyes last night, my nose was dripping and my throat scratching! A real mess! I took a second dose of medicine and ate lots of ice cream and feel much better today. I wonder if it was the pill or the ice cream!!!! LOL

Mike painted the wall we have up yesterday after work. Today we will work on trim and shelves. I can't wait. There is so much sitting around out their,
it will be good to get the shelves up.

I best go get dressed and find a paint brush. I'm sure my hair will be whiter before the day is over. I am the only person that can paint a board at ground level and get it in her hair!!!

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Ruth said...

I think everybody has about had it with cold and snow. Our high today is supposed to be in the low teens! Enough, already!!

I finally got my new car Saturday-another Altima, but a 2009. It is 'precision gray' with balck interior and just like the old minus the moonroof. I figured for $1500 extra, I could just look out the regular windows and be happy.

Take care and love to all y'all!