Sunday, January 11, 2009

not much going on

I just got out of bed. I went in to heat water for some butterfinger hot chocolate and as I stood in front of the micro I thought how smart my son is sometimes! Behind my micro is a pantry. I complained that the micro took up too much counter space so my son took it and put it on a pantry shelf. Then he cut a big hole in the wall, framed it , put on a shelf under it and even put a vent in so it didn't over heat with the door closed. Now how smart was that??? I have a free counter, and a shelf to stick hot cups when I over heat my hot chocolate water!!!!! Lol

I guess I thought I was in the 50's or 60's last night. After I washed all the paint out of my hair, I rolled it up on rollers. I hadn't done that in 40 plus years!!!! I looked like a goof! This morning all the curl seems to be gone. Thank the good Lord! I don't know where all my hairbrained ideas come from. I must have inherited them from Gladys (my mom). Seems like my being a smart a--, being goofy and other unnamed habits came from her. My husband calls me Gladys when he thinks I am acting like her. There are a lot worse names to be called!!!!

I guess i better go get dressed and see if I can get a comb through this bush! (Think those rollers will go away) This is our go to breakfast day at Number 1. ( Mexican, yummy). They have the best salsa , the chips aren't bad either. My kind of breakfast! Mike and Russ eat old boring eggs!!!

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12-arrows said...

Gladys. . . a term of endearment! I have such wonderful, albeit few, memories of Grandma. Wish I had more, we just never made it to IN that often to see them.