Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wally world!!!!!

Well, I went to Wal Mart and what an experience! I had a cart full, got in line and they announced all systems are down. After 15 minutes they came on and said leave your carts where they are and everyone leave the store , we are locking all doors! I thought that was to happen in 2000 not 2009! Everyone jumped in their cars aqnd headed to HEB (local grocery). I got there and couldn't get half what I wanted. I had scratched everything off my list at Wal Mart and couldn't read it! I missed a few things for my salad but used substitutes.

Well, Anthony and Danielle just left. Think he picked a good one this time! We got a text a minute ago saying thanks and she liked us and our dogs! Can't ask for more! LOL

It is off for a nap, really to read. We are having a lazy day today!


12-arrows said...

so did you ever find out why you had to leave Walmart? Got my curosity piked!

TexasGrandma said...

Cindy, all the computer registers shut down. They could not get them up and were afraid people would start just walking out with stuff. I guess a couple hours later, after they emptied carts and they got everything working again they reopened.