Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Did Ya?

See the temp thing on the side here?? It is suppose to be 80 today!!! And guess where we will be? At the heart doctors. Let me tell you about going to the heart dosctor. His office is in the building right next to the hospital. Every time sopmeone with a pain comes in they call Docor Rebecca ( last name is Rebecca). We have a 10:15 appointment, that means if we are lucky we'll be seen by 12. If not who knows. We have had 2:00 appointments before and gotten home at 8. He is the best around and he saved Russ life so we wait with a smile on our faces.

We worked some in the garage yesterday. Russ has all the walls painted and has started putting up trim. I painted a cabinet and got the table for the dogs done. Tomorrow I go get the paint for the floor. Now that will be fun! I get to be red for awhile! I am so tired of white and gray!!!

They changed over all the TV stations here last night. It is a good thing for cable because we do not have any HD TVs. These still work fine and I am not about to buy new ones.

Oh Russ has to go through the sleep clinic again. This time wearing the mask. He has mild sleep apnea and significant hemoglobin desaturation.What ever that means. I'll ask DR. R today!!!They said his legs moved like 60 times a minute. He said he never feels his legs move. Must just be little twitches.

Well, I best go get in the tub! I need to shave my legs! Dr. R always checks for swelling and It is about to the point I need to start braiding them. LOl

Have a good day and I hope you all have sunshine today!!!

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LOL LOL LOL you are hilarious!