Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, my Gosh!!!!

I am so tired I could puke!!! Russ and I just spent 5 hours cleaning everything in the garage. A good idea went bad, and we had plaster dust EVERYWHERE!!!!!!. It is even in the kitchen. I got half the cupboards cleaned and pooped out. Thank goodness Russ is cooking tonight. Hamburgers from Jack in the Box! ( Sorry Kris! ) I am taking a shower after we eat and kicking back and watching 2 hours of the Bachelor.

Today was a big birthday day. Russ' sister and a nephew. Next Sunday is Trice's and the 25 Kris'. Kris was Trice's 9th birthday present! LOL
Well folks, Russ will soon be home with our gourmet dinner! Yummy, its better than steak!.

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