Monday, February 9, 2009

A rainy morning!

It really rained this AM. First time in months! We just didn't get enough. WE have big cracks in the ground and lots of brush fires going on.

Mike just tore into the last wall in the garage. Thank goodness it is short. I am so tired of all this. I have plaster dust everywhere and I do mean everywhere!!!!!

I just had an email from Russ' brother . His son is off fighting in the war and today is his birthday. I sent him off a birthday greeting but think his birthday was yesterday over there.

I have a pet peeve today. Yesterday I went to Wal Mart and every person in town had their 15 children under the age of 10 and let them loose to get into things! And the screaming was horrid. I don't blame the kids, just the parents. Most were with sloppy moms still in their flannel PJ pants. What ever happened to pride on how you look or how your children behave? Is it that bad every where or is it just military town? There are not the same standards in the army any more. The wives used to not even be able to shop in shorts and you were expected to look your best when you were out. The GI were not allowed to go anywhere but home in their uniform (except class A). Now they run around in half a uniform and the language they use! I have ask several of them if that( F...) is the only adjective they know. So stupid!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love the military, it gave us a good life. i would just like most of them to show pride!

Russ is still not feeling up to snuff. My BP is still high. I have been on Motron for my ankle. I stopped taking it today to see if that is what is causing it. If not I have to go back to the dreaded doctor! URHHH

WEll, the dryer just went off so I better get busy. I have Mike's left to do!!!


Ruth said...

We are supposed to have rain tonight--thank the good Lord it isn't more snow!!! We still have mountains of it in parking lots and along the curbs.
I don't think sloppy moms with screaming kids just happens in military towns. We have the same thing here. I just want to yell, "Take those kids home!!!", but have never had the nerve. On the other hand, they probably couldn't hear me anyway!
It will probably take a few days for Russ's prenisone to take effect since he was off of it for quite a while. Hopefully in a few days he will notice a difference. I don't think Advil has a negative effect on blood pressure or B/P medication. It is one of the safer ones.
Did I tell you my cat takes it, too? She has asthma or bronchitis and breathes like she just ran a mile! Poor baby. She's just fat, like her owner!!
Better get back to work!
Love you guys; take care of yourselves!

Ruth said...

What the cat takes is prednisone, NOT Advil!!!