Friday, February 6, 2009

I am on Facebook now!

I think i got it now. It is ok, but like this better. Some of the stuff on facebook could get me and my mouth in trouble!!! LOl

This has not been a good day. Russ' legs and hips were hurting so bad he spent the day in the recliner. My blood pressure still isn't too good. It is running in the 130 and 140's. We will both probably go to the doctor Monday.
Found out today that our grandson has a severe case of Momo. The doctor said there is like a rash of it lately. He text and told so I told him he couldn't kiss his girl friend for 6 months!!! At 23, he does not think his grandmother is funny!!!

Lil' Dude just came in covered in dead grasses! Now my computer room is covered in it! Oh well! He is a cutie. His hair is starting to grow back so he doesn't look like a rat any more. It surpises me how fisty he is. He chases squirrels and birds and wrestles with Bo like they are the same size. Bo out weighs him like 20 pounds!

I am off to read. I shut the garage door until tomorrow and Bless Russ' heart, he did the dishes! i am a lady of leasure tonight!!! See ya tomorrow!

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Cindy said...

I sure hope Uncle Russ is feeling better today. Nothing worse than aching like that either! Welcome to the world of FB. It takes a bit to get used too but once you do, watch out you will love it! But don't forget to blog because I LOVE reading your blog. You make my day Aunt Enid!!!!