Saturday, February 7, 2009

Good Morning!

It is another fine day! I have the windows open and I'm ready for anything today!!!

We discovered what was making Russ' hurt so bad! He had some how forgot to put his Prednisone in his pill box for this week. He has been on it for 4 !/2 years and going without it put his body in shock!!! Not a good thing!! Bet he doesn't do that again!!!

I am starting to like FB better. I got connected with my neice in Kansas that I haven't seen since her youngest was still a little kid! We always just miss each other on trips to Indiana!

Speaking of Indiana, Just 4 months until we get to go there. Russ is looking forward to his 50th high school reunion. I don't know how this is all going to work. Guess we will have to board the "boys" part of the time we are there. No one will want the brat boy there too long!

Let me tell you about the brat boy!!! Russ called me in the dining room yesterday and there was Bo laying down in the middle of the table eating the last piece of pizza!!! We have no Idea how he got there . Boy did he get a spanking!!! It was bad enough what he did but to eat pizza was really bad. He is on a special food and is not to have anything but that or dehydrated chicken breasts. Eating fatty foods could kill him. I guess he was just so hungry for something different he couldn't help himself. I just wish we'd gotten a picture before Russ tore into him. I don't think he'll try that again.
This was one time Lil' Dude didn't follow Bo. At 9 inches tall it would be a miracle if he got on the table!!!!

My redneck neighbor's twin 30ish sons and their friend moved back with the neighbors yesterday! Life will now be interesting! They all have loud trucks that will be parked outside my bedroom window. They eat or drink and just throw the papers in the yard along with their cigarette butts. Guess where it all ends! Right, right in our yard. Their yard is always full of trash. This summer they took around 8 trailer loads out of the back yard. This was only after Russ videoed the rats running on the fence and told him to clean it up or we'd go to the healthy department! Other than that they are good neighbors. They'd do anything for us and the wife is our dog groomer.

Well, I guess I'll go paint a cabinet and a table we use for the dogs food stuff and brushing. I hope we can finish the garage in the next couple weeks. It may not happen. Mike got his MRI results yesterday and they see something that might be a cyst. He has to get a catscan now. In the mean time he is suffering with knee pain. His job requires him to climb in rocket pits, carry heavy targets and climb tall stairs to the tower. Then he comes here and hangs drywall. No wonder he is in pain!!!! LOL

See ya'll tomorrow!

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