Monday, April 27, 2009

It is getting close!!!!

We are under severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings this morning. The storms are about to hit Copperas Cove which is about 15 minutes down the road!! It is dark and dreary out.

I am still with out a car. It got so every time you opened the door the alarm went off and yesterday it got so you couldn't shut it off. Well, Mike got in there and took the thing completely OUT!!! Now the car won't start since the alarm was wired in with the starter. It got to confusing for Mike. He called a buddy who is a mechanic and he is coming over today to fix it! Hurrah!!!

My day got all screwed up! I was going over to Mike's today to start his spring cleaning. Guess tomorrow!

Russ is having big trouble with his feet and some leg swelling. WE thought last night we would have to take him to the emergency room. This morning they are down some and he lost 4 pounds overnight. I have to keep measuring his feet with a tape measure. Tomorrow he gets the bandage off. He can't wait. When he sits it cuts into his legs where they bend.

His nurses have all been black women and boy can they talk! We know there whole life now!! They keep getting younger! Can't wait to meet today's! LOL

I need to find something to do. I have not done a thing since Russ got home and I feel crappy. Seems the more I do the better I feel. O don't dare start getting the living room ready to paint and redo. Russ said we have to start saving for our trip!!!
Since we are saving I started cutting off old jeans into shorts this morning. All my shorts are covered in paint so I got out the scissors! The nice thing is I can just roll them, no hemming!!
Now all I need is a few T's and I am set for at home!!!

Well, I best get busy. I have my Monday morning laundry and pick up the house after the weekend to do!! Hope you all have a dry Monday!!!~

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