Sunday, April 19, 2009

It is a chilly Sunday morning! We have been up long enough to read the paper and Russ is feeding the dogs. It will soon be time to go for breakfast! I am tired of Mexican but I can't seem to talk them into some place else. I'd really just like to stay home!!!

In the next few days I want to get the house cleaned and all the laundry done. Then we will pack a bag for Russ and one for me. The plan is he will only be in the hospital 1 to 2 days. Well, I have seen that all go wrong before so I will be prepared. I will have a bag in the car so if I decide I need to spend the night I am ready! Nothing is worse than having to stay overnight and not having a tooth brush and clean underwear!!!! LOL Oh, and the phone charger! Can't go without that!!! If anyone wants a text after his surgery, send your number. !

I made vegetable soup yesterday that tasted just like what my Mom made! It was so good. There are so many things I'd like to make that she did. She had no recipes and I can never seem to get them right. I would love a piece of her custard pie!!She made the best pies and cakes! I really regret not writing down her and Russ' moms recipes. Most of all I regret not writing down the stories of their lives they told. If you still have parents, an aunt or someone older you are close to, get it all recorded. As you get older we will be glad you did!
Kris, my stories aren't very interesting! LOL

I wonder if I can get the hall painted before Wed. I have the trim done and the rest looks crappy. Someone threw out my paint chip I wanted so now I have to dig around at Lowes to find it! I think I know the name but have to find a chip to be sure! I need a new light fixture too. Guess I need to buy it soon. After May 4 Mike won't be able to change it.

Trice and I have decided next week we are going to spring clean Mike's apartment!!! That will be quite a job!!! He only has a bedroom, and his living room and kitchen are really one big room, plus a good sized bath. He has a lot of stuff in that little space! If I go clean it I can find all the things that need fixed and bug his landlord., who is our neighbor! Trice lives in the other side of the duplex so I can get hers too. The landlord is always going to do this or that and ends up doing nothing! If I ride him enough he'll do it just to get me to shut up!!!!

Well, Russ is in getting showered so I best get at it. Darn, I was hoping to eat soup for breakfast!!!

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Granola Mom said...

You should totally start blogging stories. Then we can all enjoy them and they'll be here forever!

We have to take Joe for therapy (it was the only appointment she had for 2 months, and we HAD to get him in after the last couple of weeks) on Wed, but not until after school. I expect to hear good news way before then, though.

He's really having a tough time at school. It's not even 10:00 and I've already had a call from them. I'm seriously thinking of homeschooling him until high school. The middle school IEP team (not the teachers) need training badly! They have no clue of the law or the basics on just treating these kids. Very frustrating.