Monday, April 20, 2009

Nothing really to write about! We spent yesterday having a lazy Sunday! The biggest thing we did was start packing Russ overnight bag.

Today I am painting the hall! I got the paint, and I found a color almost the same as my chip that got tossed! Got the tall ladder in from the shed so short me can reach the ceiling molding! Thank goodness for roller extensions! I do not look forward to painting the ceiling! I usually wait until Mike is here and then look helpless when it comes to that and he takes over! Well, he just changed shifts today and he is on days!!!

Mike and Trice and Anthony all have taken Wed. off so they can be at the hospital. It is such a dangerous operation. We will all be glad when it is over.

Yesterday Russ brought me in a pink rose bud. It is called a sweetheart rose. The bud was the size of my thumb nail. Today it is a beautiful full rose that is so tiny. I just love when he brings me in a rose. He doesn't really like to cut them.

We, I better go eat and then get started! I have lots to do today!!!!

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Ruth said...

I'm so glad you won't be at the hospital by yourself. It's nerve-wracking enough waiting for results, but sure helps a lot to have somebody to talk to and pass the time.
I'll be thinking of all of you and praying, too, that everything goes absolutely right!!
Love to you all!!