Friday, April 17, 2009

It is like 5 am. Russ is up and the boys are out going potty! It is going to be another long day!!! WE have to be there at 8:45 now. They called last night with a time change. That puts me out on the highway at the same time as the GIS. They go to work at 6, have PT then go home to shower and back at 8 or 9! Wish Russ had had it like that when he was in. He went to work at 6, took PT in uniform and boots, not shorts & Reebok's! Then he went right to work stinky! LOL. Their work day here is so easy! They get to work at 8 -9, have an hour or more for lunch and then get off at 4 or 4:30. They are always in Wal Mart in the middle of the day shopping in uniform. I don't know when they do anything at work! When not overseas life is good. No KP, no guard duty, no daily inspections, instead of five to a room they have private rooms. And I hear them grip all the time bout the tough life! LOL

I am so hungry!!! I so don't want to go eat in front of Russ! It will be noon before he can have more than one sip of water to take some pills! Maybe he will soon get in the shower so I can eat!!LOl

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Ruth said...

You are just energetic!! Too bad you can't bottle it--you'd make a fortune. I'd buy some!
Keep me posted about Russ and his test results. I sure hope he will be feeling well enough to come to Indiana in June. It would be a shame to miss a milestone reunion, like his 50th.
Why don't you try doing some highlights on your not-so-wonderful brown? It might turn out really pretty--and you still jhave time to 'fix' it if it doesn't LOL
We are supposed to have 2 pretty days in a row with temps around 70. Can't wait to open the windows!
Better run. Take care of yourselves.
Love you both