Monday, April 6, 2009

Whew! I've beenbusy this am. I've made two batches of weird jelly!!! I made one with zucchini, onion, green pepper and horseradish. The liquid was white wine and white wine vinegar. It had some seeds and spices too. Turned out real good if you like horseradish. The other I made is red onion. It is yummy. The spice in it is sage and the liquid is red wine vinegar and apple juice. I have to make the garlic one over, it didn't set. I like a dumby used sure jell instead of Certo. It makes a difference. All is not lost on the first batch. Since it is runny, I ''ll use it as a marinade. Next will be a 5 pepper one and then mango (my new favorite fruit) and red raspberries. I want to do strawberry rhubarb but that has to waituntil I go to HEB. They sometimes have fresh rhubarb and if not they carry frozen. It is the only place in town that carries it.
Russ brought me in a vase last night with the most beautiful yellow rose. There is a bud too so I'll have it awhile. It really smells good.
What is with this crazy weather??? It got in the 30s here last night and will again tonight!! We go from 80s to freezing our butts off.

Since I am still in my PJs I better get dress before Russ gets home. He had to go get CDs of his catscans and then go chew out Cable Vision!!! LOL

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Ruth said...

Your jams and jellies sound so good!! Hope you are bringing samples to Indiana--hint, hint!
If it makes you feel any better, I had to clean snow off my car this morning before I came to work!!
I want SUN, I want WARM, I want to QUIT wearing a winter coat and mittens!!!