Saturday, May 9, 2009


The grandson in NJ took these pictures! Isn't he getting good? These were all taken at his house.
We took the boys to the Vet yesterday. That was expensive!!! We got a big bag of Bo's dry food ($35) a case of wet ($35), him a steroid shot for his allergy, a antibiotics shot for a infection and heart guard and flea guard. $188!!!! At this rate we will be be using water instead of gas to get to IN. next month!!!
We then went to Wal Mart! Mike went to get things he needed. Of course all the riding carts were in use. He walked around until on got available. It was also Russ first trip since surgery. They both were pooped when we got home. I fed them lunch and loaded all Mike's groceries in my car and he went home for the day. I got his groceries put away and him with an ice pack and went home to finish all the laundry.
Trice came over and mowed yesterday after she got off work. I did a little trimming and now today I have to finish. She does not mow close to things so I have LOTS to trim!
I want to wish you all a HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!! We will celebrate it tomorrow by celebrating Mike's 45 birthday! His is Monday! We always do it that way! He was born 1 hour and 45 minutes after Mother's day. Think we both get cheated! LOL
I got up from 1:30 to 4 this morning. This not sleeping is getting to me!!! Anyway I found some good sounding recipes. A great looking strawberry sundae using waffles and chocolate syrup. The other was a rhubarb cobbler. For real food a Thai salad with pork and Chinese orange beef. They all are easy and sound really good.
I am off to get dressed and get to the yard work. It is 8 AM and already getting hot!

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