Sunday, June 28, 2009

Here it is Sunday night and it has been a very quiet weekend! WE did go for breakfast this morning after Russ forced me to get up! :).
I spent the whole weekend copying the Wentz family book for Russ' cousins Mike and Pam.They too are looking into their family history but as Mike's dad was Russ dad's step brother They couldn't help us with the Allen book. BUT.... Mike's mom and Russ' mom were sisters so they are sort of double cousins. They almost sound like the Boehnings in F'ville. Russ' mom married his dad's step brother after Pop passed away. Nothing like keeping it all in the family! LOL

It is so hot here. I hate to see my water bill. Russ has been watering all the time trying to save our carpet grass out back. The front looks like a mowed hay field. Nothing but yellow stubs. My basil on the patio looked like a weeping willow this morning. Even the dogs don't want out.

Mike goes back to work tomorrow. Now he has almost a month until he will get paid, Hard to pay bills!!!

Russ just called me. He went to Wally World as I am out of cokes. He always calls to see if I thought of anything else! I try to think of something just to make the call worth while. Lol

I think I will hit the shower and get all snugly so I can try to find something on TV that isn't about Michael Jackson. I am sorry he passed but come on , he was not a god! This is carrying things too far. I never ever was into his music when he was popular.
Any way, Good Night!!!!!

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12-arrows said...

glad you are getting back into the swing of life in TX! and yes the MJ think has gone way too far, nothing like the media going overboard, again! Well atleast he's upstaged Obama! lol lol