Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wow! We have been home a week and life is back to being boring. Yesterday we went to the Commissary! I spent $400 and still didn't get everything on the list! Russ made a trip to the store last night and finished it. Think we are about fixed for the month.

The 4th will not be much here this year. Mike has to work, Anthony has moved to Houston and Anna is always with her boyfriends family. Looks Like it will be just us and Patrice. That makes it simply! Hamburgers on the grill, potato salad and some of the great beans that Cathy fixed!
It is just too hot to do much.

I have been trying to make light meals and to not heat the kitchen too much! Must be working, I've lost 5 pounds this week. Think it was all the water from my feet swelling. It seemed as soon as we hit Texas all the swelling left. Guess it was caused by humidity.

Russ has an appointment at the all day doctor today!!! Sure hope his echo gram came out good!!!

We'', I better get back to my rat killing! This house never seems to clean it's self!!!

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12-arrows said...

hey there my live feed says people have been on it. WEIRD. sometimes these things can drive a sane person CRAZY.