Monday, July 6, 2009

Here it is the 6th of July. I have not been into much of blogging lately. I have been having fun with putting together the Allen family book. It is amazing what you find when you search someones name!!! LOL

Yesterday I got my belated birthday present from Mike! It is a great yard swing for the back yard! It has a cover like a futon and folds down to make a hammock like bed. Great for reading!!! As soon as I sat on it I had both dogs on it with me! They love to rock!!

Kris is having great luck with square foot gardening, so we have decided we will try it next year. Russ has one 4x4 bed made and plans on about 5 more. He has plans for this great compost container also. It will be lots better than patio gardening.

I am off to the shower. we both have doctor appointments in different directions this AM. I have my yearly glaucoma check and Russ has an ultra sound of his aneurysm stint.

Kris is off this A.M. to St. Thomas. I hate her!!!! Lol

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12-arrows said...

I've missed you but understand some things take precident over others, and as for Kris I'm with you I hate her too! LOL wish it was me but so glad for her!!!