Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh My Gosh!!

It is 100 in the shade and what do we do built go but a truck load of wood. We just unloaded it. Thank God for alleys, at least we didn't have to carry it far!!! We have decided to be farmers for real! Not on FB! LOL Russ is building 4x4 foot beds to plant in. He has one completed and I've started planting. We made 'Dirt" this AM . Compost vermiculite and peat moss. We just bought the stuff to make one more bed and everything to build this fancy mancy compost shed thingy. Now I'll have to save scraps and coffee grounds. Trice has lots of leaves and etc. at her house, so that will be a start. Guess who just texted he'd be over??/ Yep, Mike, always a day late and a dollar short. He wants to know what is for dinner. I told him dirt!

Tomorrow while Russ is at the doctor I am making 3 berry and grape jam. I have a granddaughter that lives on my jam and peanut butter at college. Have to get a stock made before she leaves.
Well, think it is a taco night. I better go get the meat cooked.

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