Monday, July 13, 2009

I had the biggest laugh today at the eye doctor! I went for the second part of my glaucoma test. As I was walking down the hall to leave the odor about knocked me over! It smelt like someone had pooped their pants! I didn't say anything and went to the desk to get my next appointment. Soon all the tech were running out in the hallway asking if we smelt that. There were people checking their shoes to see if they stepped in something and it was a sight! Don't know if they ever found who caused the smell but when I left even the waiting room was getting whiffs of it. PU!!!

We have our compost shed filled and brewing. It was been fun so far. I have cucumbers, okra, basil, mint, a green pepper and tomato plants and sage and parsley growing in my little garden. Russ is building the second tomorrow.

It is so hot here. It was 104 in the shade while ago. We go out about 6:30 in the morning and right before dark.

The boys got bathed and trimmed for free today! Bo had razor burn so bad last time that he had to go to the doctor for steroids and antibiotics. We found out that the owner cut Bo instead of the one who normally does it. It cost us 135 $ at the vets so they are doing $135 worth of grooming for free. Jennifer did Bo today and he looks good. Guess it pays to complain some times!!!

Sunday Anthony brought his girl friends parents over to meet us. We had just time for a quick shower before they got here. We had been out working on the compost thing. They are ok and it was a pleasant time. . Anthony had come down from Houston with a U Haul to get the rest of his things. He is now out of the nest! Funny how they can't afford to help Mom with expenses but they can rent apartments when they move!!! LOL

We had sad news this week. A woman who trained and worked with both my girls when they started as waitress passed away. She was on heck of a lady! Only a year younger than me. Doudi will surely be missed.

That is all the news for today. Later.....

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12-arrows said...

its amazing the $$ kids can come up with when THEY want to do something! I totally understand that one!